Thursday, May 24, 2007

Much Ado About China

Or not. Yesterday officials from China and the U.S. met to discuss economic issues. In typical non-committal form, the two sides smiled and agreed that talks were pleasant without any clear conclusions.

This sentence pretty much sums up relations:

Suffice it to say we had a healthy exchange of views.”

Here's to yet another round of talks that will result in, well, another round of talks.


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Miss Scott said...

I have just discovered the blog and am very impressed with some of the comments here. I had not seen the Forbes pieces on networks and will read more. The true power of networks must be studied further before more money is wasted on IT that claims to make us more Net-Cetric. However,I am surprised that you are impressed by Alberts and Hayes at CCRP. These folks, who crowed 10 years ago how self evident the power of networks was, still gush platitudes such as Power to the Edge etc etc. If they fully understood networks they would know that power isn't anywhere near the edge of networks. If you are looking for someone to get it wrong for 10 years and still screw up their "epiphany" then they are your boys. Just check their endnotes and see how many times they reference themselves and leave out the giants of modern network theory.
Keep up the good work!
Miss Scott